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Aug 31, 2012


Aug. 31st | Posted by 6 comments

Taiwan! We landed around 5:00 am and it couldn’t have been easier to get through customs, get our bags, and find the shuttle to our hotel. I figured with 9 bags we’d look like quite the tourists, so I grabbed a local newspaper to help blend in. When we got to the hotel we grabbed breakfast and then went up to our room to shower and get ready to explore the city. Check out the magic glass below! The people here are so nice, I told the young lady that lead us to our room and helped us with our bags, “This place is awesome!” She replied with the sweetest broken english ever, “Oh I so glad, I only want you to be happy.” I almost cried. The ¬†room is full of little toiletries including soaps, shampoos, shaver and shave gel, tooth brushes and toothpaste, so we didn’t even have to dig through our bags. I’ve already been asked twice how many “centimeters” I am. My little iPhone converter app is already coming in handy, I am 208 cm. Oh, and breakfast cost $600! But that’s only $20 USD :)

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  1. Jessica

    That hotel looks amazing, guys! I’m already jealous of your adventures! Irena–did you get a new hair cut? I love it!

  2. Mom

    WOW. So happy y’all are safe and sound and enjoying Taiwan! You are soooo hilarious. Tall white man and beautiful American wife lugging NINE suitcases trying to”fit in”….oh, yeah…a newspaper will do it! ha ha ha. The room is gorgeous. So happy you are having a good time and getting to explore this part of the world. Sounds like you’ll have to plan a return trip soon. Hope you like KL as much or even more. Thanks for the updates and photos. We love them. Big hugs to my precious kids. Mom

  3. Mom

    Oh – love the expression on your face as you “read” the newspaper.
    And love the photo of pretty Irena through the Magic Glass. Can’t believe y’all look so terrific have millions of hours on a plane!

  4. Mia

    Glad you made it safely! How did sightseeing go?

  5. irena jackson

    Jessica, yes I did get a haircut right before we headed out. I decided to do something fun since I was going away from the red. Thank you for the sweet comments mom, we are having a blast so far, the magic glass in the hotel is so cool!!! My feet nearly fell off yesterday after all of our walking in Taiwan. What a great city, wish you guys were here to explore it with us. it is about 6am here right now and we are getting ready to head to the airport to finish out our journey to Malaysia..Yay!!

  6. Tricia

    Ha! Love the hotel ~ the magic glass brings back memories of one of our trips to Vegas. What was REALLY funny is a group of us were watching the bathroom “magic glass” doors and knew how they worked…but MOST everyone who entered didn’t!! YIKES! It made for some great laughs. Looks like you two beautiful peeps are having an amazing time!

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